Why do we not get enough rest?

It’s true that as teenagers, we are pretty much always tired. We irregularly have ‘early nights’ and we sacrifice our beauty sleep for blazing our eyes with the blue light of our phones late into the night. Everyone is telling us it’s bad, our parents, our teachers, scientists, and studies, but for some reason, we can’t stop! There always seems to be that temptation to just check one more Instagram story, or set yourself a target of “ok, I’m only going to scroll down through 10 more Facebook posts”, but it never ends there, does it? We hop into bed, at let’s say 11:18, but we choose to stay up until 11:30, just because it for some reason feels right that we couldn’t possibly go to sleep when the big hand on the clock isn’t striking one of the 12 numbers.

But this is the thing, we are always cheating ourselves, and we pay for this the next morning. What will you actually achieve from seeing that ‘Stacey’, who is a friend of a friend’s friend that you somehow follow, is swaying from side to side on loop looking at a nice bridge on their insta story (thank god for boomerang ey? -_-). And it just keeps going, because there’s nothing really to stop you, except yourself, as the stories keep rolling over, and the posts keep flowing – there’s basically no limit of how much we can look at – which is dangerous.

When you are waking up, maybe 7 am, 7:30 if you’re lucky on a school day (or whenever I don’t know what time you guys wake up) with only 5 hours sleep – YOU WILL SUFFER. You say you’re fine, but you just aren’t am I right? It’s no easy task to get out of bed anyway when you have had enough sleep, but when your body is deprived of rest and recovery, it makes life a wholeeeeeee lot harderrrrrr. Coffee only helps to a certain extent, it won’t solve all your issues, being only a short term solution, neither will these chemically produced energy drinks. Blue bolt by Sainsbury’s isn’t going to save you longer term – AND CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY PEOPLE BOTHER BUYING ZERO SUGAR ‘ENERGY DRINKS’. SUGAR GIVES YOU ENERGY, THEREFORE THE SUGAR THAT’S DISAPPEARED IS REPLACED WITH MORE CHEMICAL RUBBISH LIKE TAURINE AND CAFFEINE. A product like red bull is specifically developed as an energy drink, used by athletes etc. but Sainsbury’s ain’t going to invest all their profits and research into developing a perfect energy drink, as they have a million other own brand products they also produce. Also, price does affect the quality of this – (ok I had to do a little bit of research for what I’m about to write, but it will make this entry more interesting ok) 6x 250ml of blue bolt = £2 the same price as 2.5kg of bananas, a nutritious, organic, energising FRUIT, which will benefit you much more than bloody blue bolt (sorry Sainsbury’s for slagging of your product, but it’s only fair, right). Meanwhile, a 4x 250ml of Red bull is £4.25…

I felt like I wrote a lot there (well not that much but I like to keep this short and simple as who has time to read these things anyway…), but didn’t really get to answering the ‘philosophical’ (I wish) question of the title of this entry, but basically: get more sleep, don’t use your phone when you get into bed and stay away from energy drinks and just try and survive naturally, or if you need some energy, eat some food, high sugar, low fat, medium calories = perfect (I’d recommend Belvita breakfast biscuits btw).


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