So I’m starting a blog. This is an introduction to me, my struggles, my achievements and my issues. I don’t really know what to make of the world, and I get emotional sometimes, and I have no idea if it’s normal. Over the last few months, I think I’ve had some form of mild depression and anxiety, but nothing compared to the proper diagnosis of these issues. FOR EVERYONE WHO THINKS THAT DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY DOESN’T EXIST – YOU’RE WRONG! I think everyone probably experiences some form of these things in their lifetime, but most of the time, we will not know what’s going on, because it just stays locked up inside their head. This is an endless cycle of confusion and fear as you (as did I) think that you may just be slightly weird, or different, in a world of apparently normal people, but really we are all as weird as each other – except we often choose not to express it. I sort of like writing stuff down, I keep a diary which I find quite therapeutic, where I can get all my thoughts out without having to try and remember them all inside my head, and I thought a blog would just be a way to further extend my communication to the outside world (ahah as if I’m some sort of alien – I’m not by the way), so maybe people can relate to me or something? If something happens with this blog, but if the only 5 views are from me, that’s not an issue either.

I like doing odd things which seem odd to me because I don’t know anyone else in the whole world who does the same things as me (I mean they’re not that odd but it’s just you wouldn’t think I would? idk….). Examples are a fear of getting properly drunk, walking down the road quietly singing Lana del Rey, just out of earshot of everyone else around me, and thinking that cheese is the most horrible creation in the world. I don’t have many friends really, I go to a small school, and my social life is quite limited, but I try to make the best out of a restrictive situation. I luckily have two main, brilliant and amazing ‘bff’s’, one boy and one girl, let’s call the boy Francesco and the girl Luna who are literal life savers to me (trust me they help me out alotttttt), but I’ll get on to the stuff about best friends in some other post…

I’m sure any other details that I want you to know about me will come in future posts – don’t worry. Just realised I haven’t really covered what I said I was going to do in the first line of this entry, but, you know, doesn’t matter. Basically the way I’m going to be writing these is straight up how I would say it, I’m not gonna spend time digging my nose into a thesaurus to make my writing like some academic essay, and I don’t research opinions, or facts about things, it’s just what my head is thinking right at that moment when my fingers press the keys of my laptop, ok?


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